photo by SJ7 Photography

Pui Wales


Born in Loei Thailand, Chef Pui grew up preparing many dishes with her mother and other family members. Learning from a young age she developed a high level of respect for the art of cooking and took her disciplines to the next level by attending culinary school in Thailand's capital city, Bangkok. There she experienced and learned the craft of the varying aspects of Thai food from many of the different regions of her homeland. Taking what she learned, Pui began combining recipes to form her own personal menu items. She excelled and decided to bring her talents to the U.S. along with her husband and partner Brad Wales. Opening My Thai in 2007 in Mt Vernon, this location saw many wonderful years of success but suffered a devastating fire that left it in ruin. Not deterred from her mission to serve the very best Thai cuisine, she and her husband decided to reopen in a larger more contemporary setting in Harbor East with a complete refresh of menu items and decor. Now teamed with her son and sous-chef Jirat Suphrom-In, Pui continues making innovative yet true-to-roots cuisine in this modern elegant establishment.